Between Lake and Sky

The eye-catching high-rise in Konstanz’s Petershausen district has begun a new chapter in its history: What was once an office building for Deutsche Telekom has been transformed into ODE LOFTS, a modern space for comfortable living with breathtaking views of Lake Constance and the Alps over the rooftops of the city. Designed in collaboration with the Berlin-based international architecture firm Sauerbruch Hutton, this unique project’s 98 apartments, with their curving balconies facing east and west, offer an ambience you won’t find anywhere else.

An Ode to Architecture

ODE LOFTS is situated among parks and other green spaces. The 16-story facade, featuring high-end ceramic tiles in various colors, is designed to produce a harmonious interplay between the building and its surroundings. The transformation of an office block into a residential building is not only an impressive example of modern living but also an important step toward a more sustainable and livable city. By repurposing the existing structure and reusing the resources available on site, we were able to create new living spaces while simultaneously saving materials and thus also emissions.

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Sustainable and Climate-Friendly

ODE LOFTS will contain 98 apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms, including some attractive maisonettes. Floor plans varying between 32 and 188 m² offer unparalleled domestic comfort. Materials such as recycled aluminum, a wood facade covered in eco-friendly paint, and ceramic tiles glazed in different colors are used to achieve a natural look and feel. The underlying structure of the original building was preserved as much as possible, which reduced the project’s carbon footprint by more than two-thirds in comparison to total demolition and rebuilding.
Technological sustainability is a fundamental aspect of the design of ODE LOFTS. Photovoltaic panels will be mounted on the existing steel roof structure. The power they generate can be used to supply electricity for the elevators and common spaces. Air-source heat pumps will provide eco-friendly heating, while the use of high-quality windows and highly insulating materials in the building envelope will reduce the apartments’ heating needs.

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Designing Community

Architecturally, ODE LOFTS is designed to encourage communal living. The outdoor areas provide a place for chance encounters and conversations. The ground floor will house retail spaces, creating a fluid interface between the building and its environment. A rooftop terrace on the 16th floor, open to all building residents, offers breathtaking views. The underground parking garage has space for cars and motorcycles, while bikes (including cargo bikes) can be parked outside. Bike- and car-sharing options are available right next to the building to ensure that everyone’s transportation needs are met.

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