A Nice Place to Visit – and to Call Home

The picturesque landscape around Lake Constance is widely known, making it a popular holiday destination. For those who live here, it can feel like vacation every day, as the region constantly reveals new facets of its beauty from every perspective. In Konstanz you’re surrounded by water on all sides, with magnificent views from the lakeshore promenade as well as from the banks of the Rhine.

Every season and time of day evokes a different mood, from snow-covered mountain peaks arrayed beyond the deep-blue lake, to spectacular sunrises and sunsets, to blankets of fog on winter mornings. There’s always a new vista to be discovered, new beauty to take your breath away time and time again.

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A New Home in Petershausen

Wherever you are in Konstanz, this distinctive building catches your eye. You see it from the Rheinbrücke as you drive into the city. It towers over the other buildings, mirroring the Münster’s spire on the opposite bank of the river. Its upper stories afford many different views of its surroundings – Petershausen, the historic old city, Lake Constance, the Seerhein.

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Every Essential at Your Fingertips

The district of Petershausen lies on the north bank of the Rhine. Here you’ll find a vibrant mix of small shops, restaurants and offices, as well as many of the city’s schools. A farmers’ market at Sankt-Gebhard-Platz – just a block away – offers local produce, cheese, fish and other delicacies twice a week. The Seerhein Center offers many more shopping options as well as a medical complex. For a comprehensive selection of health-care services, the city hospital is also within walking distance.

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Water Taxis and Pleasure Cruises

Biking is an excellent way to explore Konstanz, and the city is well connected to the larger transportation networks around it. The public transit system provides access to every part of the city by bus and to more distant destinations by train. Autobahn access is just a few kilometers away, and the international airport in Zurich can be reached in an hour by train.
One highlight you’ll find almost nowhere else is the ability to travel by water. Konstanz is connected to Friedrichshafen by a catamaran and to Meersburg by a car ferry, and a variety of passenger craft travel between the cities on both the German and Swiss sides of the lake. Take a boat to the farmers’ market in Überlingen, or go for a cruise aboard the historic steamer Hohentwiel, and bring a bit of vacation flavor to your everyday life.

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A Vibrant, Youthful Energy

With its many cafés, shops and restaurants, Konstanz combines Mediterranean flair with a sense of always being on vacation. The city’s theater, philharmonic, two movie theaters and various museums and galleries provide a range of cultural offerings. For the night owl, numerous bars and clubs open after sunset, and there’s a lively alternative art scene. In the nooks and narrow streets of this university city, home to more than 87,000 people from all over the world, there is always something new to discover. From its cross-border flea market, to the spectacular fireworks of Seenachtfest, to its colorful Fasnacht (carnival) celebrations and other festivals, Konstanz is abuzz with lively urban energy.

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